Mobile Mentor

is to empower people to achieve more by unlocking the full potential of their technology. With operations in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, Mobile Mentor is the remote partner for the remote workforce.

“All it would take is for someone to sit down with me for 1 hour. I tried myself, I got instructions from the carrier, but it’s too hard.” For Denis O’Shea, hearing this lament from one of his business contacts was a Eureka moment.

In 2004 Denis founded Mobile Mentor to unlock the massive potential of the smartphone in the enterprise. The company launched a one-to-one mentoring service to empower busy people to use their device as a personal productivity tool. The service resonated and the company quickly grew to 250 employees providing its unique mentoring service to 10,000 people every month.

Since our founding, Mobile Mentor has evolved to meet client needs and now has deep expertise in endpoint security and support services. However, the purpose has remained the same – to empower people to achieve more.

People before technology

Passionate about service

Life-long learners